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Fraud Policy


  • If in the unfortunate circumstance that fraud occurs, it is of the cardholder’s responsibility to report this event to the correct authorities. If we see anything untowards, we’ll be sure to let you know too.
  • Wheelie Good Mobility Limited pledges to protect your information here.  We'd rather be on the safe-side as a merchant. Sadly, there is little protection for us as sellers if we're hit by fraud, unlike the customers who are re-paid. Insurances and payment-taking companies do not cover theft for merchants either. 
  • So we're dedicated in ensuring that all card payments are checked, checked again and again once more.
  • If we have the slightest doubt that a card may be fraudulent, we will ask for another form of payment or perform further checks
  • Suspicious behaviour and false names are declared to the Police, as are false declarations of VAT exemption.
  • We do this to protect those that obey the law and will not hesitate in prosecution and further legal proceedings to those who flout it. 
  • Call us if you're concerned.

Web Editor's Top Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Keep your cards safe and never, ever put your card details into a website that doesn't have a little padlock in the bottom right corner of the browser on the card-payment page.
  • If a company calls you at home saying they are 'Windows' (not Microsoft) and that there is a problem with your computer and you have to let them remotely access it from where they are via downloading their software - don't! It's a huge scam - read about it here:
  • Another scam is someone calling saying they are from a high-street shop and that someone is attempting to use your card. They give you a fraud line to ring and cancel your cards - which is, in fact, the fraudsters themselves, ready to take your card details over the phone, purporting to be the bank and cancelling them. Always end the call and call the number on your cards themselves - read this CLICK
  • Never put card details into an email or write your email address linked to any money accounts such as PayPal directly onto the web - such as on Gumtree adverts or Facebook etc.
  • Avoid carers and people that are not family to see your card details.
  • Get one of those metal wallets to prevent people using the contactless on your card - they can get your details this way by literally just standing next to you.
  • Shop from reputable businesses, and if you're unsure - give their phone number a ring and speak to someone. I've found a few shady companies online whilst shopping and if my alarm bells start ringing - I call them.
  • If you are unsure about charges to your account - call the bank immediately and chat to them. They have designated teams to help you go through the last few transactions.
  • 1 in 3 get hit by identity theft - be sure not to be one of them.
  • If you need more advice about online shopping security - put 'Consumer advice fraud prevention' into Google (highlight and right click, 'search on Google')