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There are a variety of ways to contact us:   
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm  Saturday  9am - 1pm  Sunday Closed

~    Live chat is available - please click on the flashing button on your screen to chat with a member of our team - this is manned by Charmaine in the USA office - allow for timezone! She runs GMT-8 hours. so you'll find her after 5pm UK time 6pm EURO time, until around 3am UK time / 4am EURO time. She chats in any language.

~   Via Telephone (English speaking only):  +44 1892 710545 for international dial. (Kent, UK) 9-5pm (For UK dialers, replace the +44 with '0')

You can now WhatsApp us by clicking here: CLICK

Calls from deaf service providers welcome

We accept  Credit Cards, Debit Cards,

~   You can email us in all languages using the form below:

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