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The New Pride GoGo Ultra X Mobility Scooter - A Review

12 October 2020  |  Admin

The New Pride GoGo Ultra X Mobility Scooter - A Review

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The  Go-Go Ultra X


It's A New Generation
A Review
By Charmaine Kemp


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For the last 14 I've been working in this industry, the original Pride Go-Go mobility scooter has dominated the travel scooter market, popping up in supermarkets, casinos, shopping malls and high streets across the world. But why is this particular mobility scooter so popular? 
It was the first real travel scooter that was lift-able. It came from a brand that people trusted and the price was reasonable. It didn't have extra wheels or LCD screen dashboards - it was the 'meat and potato' of mobility scooters.

People are in a hurry and want to get their scooter out the car without putting their back out and also have it all snap together without fiddly, heavy parts to try and move. I for one struggle with the seats - they're a real pain to get onto the seat post and the demand for a lighter version of the 'Volkeswagon Beetle' of mobility scooters was overdue. 

It's a new decade... time for that old scooter of yours to GoGo

Firstly, they've done away with the clunky main body faring of old and replaced it with a lightweight, cleaner design. The fundamental shape is still there, with the 'V' shaped front and curved tiller handlebars. 

GoGos Break Down Into Five Parts
For easy car loading, the parts are easy to lift and put into any car boot - even the smallest of cars can accommodate the Pride GoGo Ultra X Mobility Scooter. 
  • 260 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 4 mph maximum speed
  • 44" turning radius
  • Up to 7.2 miles per charge
  • Compact, foldable seat with armrests
  • Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob
  • Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage
  • Pride’s exclusive black, non-scuffing tires
  • Stable, front frame-mounted seat post
  • A standard front basket provides storage
  • Off-board dual voltage charger can easily charge battery pack on-board or off-board.

In closing: If you're looking for a mobility scooter for the car, that can take you around the supermarket, that can go on an airline and stay within a reasonable budget - this is the mobility scooter for you. 

Where can you buy this scooter?

You can get this scooter following this link: 

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