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New Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter Canopy

New Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter Canopy
New Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter CanopyNew Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter CanopyNew Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter CanopyNew Universal-Fit Mobility Scooter Canopy
Our Price:  £499.99
List Price:  £599.99
Saving Of:  £100.00 (17%)

Model:  CANO1R
Part Number:  CANO1R
Brand:  Scooterpac

Check out this amazing product from the UK - The Scooterpac Canopy. Ideal for rain, wind or sunshine, this waterproof and windproof mobility scooter cover will solve all of your issues going out in wet or hot weather.

Available in two sizes - Regular and Large. The Large is for 8mph scooters as it extends the canopy by 13cm (5")

We ship to all countries, please allow delivery time as this is a large box, but call us if you're in a super rush. Read the notes below about this product and watch the video. It really a clever bit of kit.

Stop, Flip & Go!

The Scooterpac Canopy is sheer brilliance. In 12 years of Wheelie Good, this is by far one of the best products we've seen.  It really is a 30-second stop-flip-and-go kind of product. 
It also tucks away nicely in a bag on the back of the scooter, ready to go whenever you need it. 

In Rain, Wind Or Shine

When the sides are zipped, you're not only shielded from sunshine and rainfall, you're up to 7 degrees warmer. There's a handy window large enough for airflow but you can also Velcro the doors back and just use the roof section when you're in sunshine using the roof as shade. It can also withstand a wind test up to 60mph on a sea-front, too!


Ingenious Fits-All Technology

The ScooterPac Canopy is an all-weather canopy fits your mobility scooter via the rear attachment fixing bracket. There may be one or two models that don't have this, but 99% of scooters have it.

Standing at the rear of the scooter, follow the metal tubes from your armrests until they meet in the middle, you'll see there's an entry connection point in the center, facing outwards to the rear of the
scooter. This is where you'd normally attach a oxygen carrier or walking stick holder.

Have A Watch Of This!

Dimensions:  Frame Material: Powdered Coated Aluminium
Canopy Material: Waterproof Nylon
Windscreen Material: Perspex
Max Wind Speed: 60mph
Total Width:  Regular: 60cm (23")  XL:  60cm (23")
Total Length:  Regular: 115cm (45") XL: 128cm (50")
Total Height:  Regular: 120cm  (47")     XL: 120cm (47")
Folded Size:       Regular: H: 83cm (32") x W: 63cm (25") x D: 18cmm (7")
           XL: H: 96cm (32") x W: 63cm (25") x D: 18cm (7")
Headroom: 1m (39")



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